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September 28, 2008
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Rainee Sculpture by crystal-kyogre Rainee Sculpture by crystal-kyogre
Just a quick upload of whom I just finished.
I sculpted her yesterday, painted today. Off and on, more or less. She was fun to do, actually.

She's made of Sculpty white clay, then painted with acrylics... yup.

enjoy! =D

Iris-Sempi asked me to do a little how-I-did-it. So I'll put that here.

1. Got Sculpty plain molding clay (I think a big box is about $12).
2. Kneaded it until soft and moldable.
3. Broke of pieces in apporx size to how big I wanted hte body part to be (separate parts for: body, legs, tail, head, mane, and ears).
4. I started with shaping the body, so I knew if the legs would be too big or too small.
5. Next came the legs, which I rolled out tapered tubes, then bend them into shape.
6. When attaching the parts to the body, rough up the two surfaces that will be making contact, this give a stronger hold. Then smooth them together.
7. Then the tail came next. The swirls are plastic coated paper clips bent into shape.
8. Last came the head. I molded the head shape, then attached it. After it was on, I attached the mane and ears.
9. I did all the little details last, like the toes and the eyes/mouth. That was all done with a pin tool.
10. Bake time! Cool time! Yay! Now I can paint!
11. I laid down her main fur colour, the very light blue. I needed a couple of coats of that.
12. Then the details, like the rainbow and the spots.
13. Then last but not least, after the paint was all good and dry, I mixed up a glaze/glitter mix to give her that shiny look.
13. All done! Photo shoot!

I hope that helps!
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Can I hug you in hopes that your awesomness will rub off?
HOLY-- OMG, that is freaking fantastic. I haven't seen anything that good made out of sculpy in... well, probably ever. IT'S THAT AWESOME.
Dude. So fucking awesome. I was worried the wires would end up being too abrupt of a change sticking outta the clay, but it looks really great. Love the rainbowness and the bubbley patterns and the great character her face has. XD It looks like Arlow, kinda~ :3
creamsicle-dreams Sep 28, 2008   Traditional Artist
wow. that is way too cool.
and the painting is beautiful! :)
crystal-kyogre Sep 28, 2008  Student General Artist
why thank you m'dear! =D
thats real cool. the tial looks great
crystal-kyogre Sep 28, 2008  Student General Artist
hehe, thanks very much
CharmingNightmare Sep 28, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very cute! So you and Ais both have insane sculpting potential!

Screw you guys, I'm stickin' to art! :/
crystal-kyogre Sep 28, 2008  Student General Artist
Sculpting IS art, dorky head! >/
Have you ever tried sculpting? it's really quite fun once you get the hang of molding clay...
Anywho, thanks
CharmingNightmare Sep 28, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have tried sculpting on several occassions. Just not for me. D':
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